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Michele Crim, Founder, Birth, Perinatal and Postpartum Doula (DONA and DTI), Certified Lactation Counselor (Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice), Childbirth & Health Educator (Kaiser Permanente)  

I've been passionate about birth and the transformative power and impact that doulas and midwives have on the global birthing community for my entire life.  I firmly believe that the way in which a parent and child experience birth matters greatly.  The care and support received during labor can have a powerful, lasting influence on the bond between the parent and child while also providing a strong foundation for a positive birth outcome.  My role as a doula during the birth experience is to provide that care and support, to help build that strong foundation by providing advocacy for dignified and respectful care, compassion and support for the birthing person and partner, as well as soothing and relaxing comfort measures during labor.

Equally as important as the birth experience itself, the postpartum period is a time that should be protected and well-monitored by those supporting the birthing parent and family.  In my postpartum work, I offer care, guidance, and support for the emotional and physical recovery of both parent/s and child.  Whether that entails caring for your baby while you take care of yourself, supporting your back-to-work transition, or helping you as a new parent develop the coping skills so necessary for a peaceful and happy family life, my sole purpose is to provide the support your family needs.  As a mother of three grown children and three small grandchildren, I am delighted to be working with people I truly love...babies!

As a professional birth/postpartum doula, certified lactation counselor, and a childbirth and health educator for Kaiser Permanente, I serve families in Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, and the immediate surrounding communities.  I look forward to working with you and your new family and will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your contact information.